So I started a Podcast / trying to be different in Logan Utah

One of the Main reasons I loved photography when I first started was because it made me different. In 2008 There weren’t many people around me with nice cameras learning about the world of photography. It felt good to be “good” at something that not many people were doing (even though looking back at my work from then makes me cringe a bit) .

Six years and a move to Logan Utah certainly changes things. In Cache Valley I’m surrounded by other photographers. While I truly believe my style is unique and stands out, I often feel like another face in the crowd. Part of being a ‘creative’ human is trying to find way to express your individuality. While Getting my art degree at Utah State University, I had the opportunity to dabble in so many visual art forms, drawing, printmaking, even sculpture. They were all fun but I felt no drive to make any of those mediums part of my life.

Sometimes in my life I look around and realize the people around me are not just ‘human meat puppets’. Every person in world has a story, has experiences that make their life different. It’s easy to be selfish and ignorant when you see the people around you as holograms. That weakness is what Humans of New York is fighting, and thats a fight I want to be a part of.

In the Summer of 2015 I rediscovered podcasts. In the past I had been assigned to listen to some for class, but I found a few that I actually found entertaining to listen to. I’ve always loved talking to people and realized that this was an opportunity to help people express what makes their lives interesting. So I’m putting down my camera and picking up a microphone, to sit down with people and talk about what makes their life different.

One of the things I love most about being a wedding and family photographer is recording a precious moment in time for people. I’m excited to try and do this with a new medium. A medium that is Fresh and at least here in Utah isn’t super popular. So if your ever bored on your morning commute, or if you’ve reached the end of the Netflix check out We’ve Got 20 Minutes.


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