Dealing with Photography friends in Utah, you are #1


[wr_heading tag=”h2″ text_align=”inherit” heading_margin_top=”5″ heading_margin_bottom=”25″ font=”inherit” enable_underline=”yes” border_bottom_style=”solid” appearing_animation=”0″ disabled_el=”no” ]Here’s the deal: Utah is full of photographers[/wr_heading]. Don’t believe me? Do a Google search. The resulting map makes our lovely state look like a victim of smallpox. Some of these photographers could be paid with the change lost in your car (the black hole that exists between the drivers seat and the center console). Others have the word “investment” scrolled across their website, usually a decent sign that your upcoming destination honeymoon will be scaled down to a trip to Bear Lake. (Lets be real Bear Lake is pretty great, and not having to fly anywhere can be a major plus.)

Then there are friends with cameras, many of whom may be legitimate photographers. Your years friendship may require that you hire them for your wedding. If that’s what you want, congratulations, you don’t have to hunt down a wedding photographer. But maybe this friend’s production quality is somewhat lacking; it’s possible their style doesn’t fit your personality, or maybe your fiancé isn’t comfortable with this particular human.

When it comes down to it, you need to take care of you. As photographers, we are used to rejection (insert lyrics from Kelly Clarkson’s “What doesn’t kill you”). I’ve had a number of people in my life who chose other photographers to fulfill their wedding photography needs. I’m not going to lie, it hurt. But ultimately I know I would rather have my friends be happy with someone else’s photos then resent me for forcing myself into their special day.

Your wedding photos are one of the most important aspects of your special day. As the flowers wilt, leftover cake goes stale, and old age prevents that white gown from fitting, you will always have your wedding photos. So take care of yourself first and choose a utah photographer whose style you find pleasing and quality you can afford. (AKA me. Just kidding…but not completely )


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