Brittney & Adam // Pocatello Engagements

I love doing sessions in old town Pocatello, Idaho; there is so much character in those old buildings. The way light bounces off the three storied buildings is magical. While I absolutely love living in Logan, Utah it is really nice to take a few hours and be somewhere else. So me and my red headed friend Ashley took a little car ride for a session with a wonderful couple.

Brittney and Adam were looking for a photographer and I was looking for a couple. I needed some guinea pigs to try an integrated session. A mix of my traditional brand of photography plus a touch of video. I’m so excited to learn some new skills and find a way to offer my clients a little more than just a photo session. I’m not trying to replace a full on videographer. The brief clips of video in the presentation add so much richness to this couple’s love story.

So please take a look at the photos below, and then take a minute for the video I’ve created for this wonderful couple. When you are done think of all the upcoming weddings in your life, I hope you think of someone who would appreciate this type of service and when you do let me know. I would love to work with them. I love capturing life and adding video to my typical session lets me capture something extra. Something these two will love to look back on in 20 years.



If you have any question about this new offering from Traughber photography please let me know, I love talking to people so don’t be afraid to send me an email = )

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