Jessany&Micah // Hello Video

This is the first engagement session I shot that added a bit of video to the equation. Typically, I like having a friend accompany me to all my sessions. Honestly, I just need someone to hold things and poke fun at the stupid things I say. Last minute my scheduled helper had to drop out; not big deal, just a little more work for me. Luckily my roommate Jack was happy to help. I had no idea he was so good at shooting video! Safe to say, I’m going to bribe him with clean dishes and cheeseburgers to have him help shoot video during sessions in the future.

This is my next door neighbor Micah and his lovely fiancé Jessany. We took a quick drive up Logan Canyon, rounding out the second half of the shoot in Downtown Logan because, as much as love it when the snow starts to melt, it’s nice to have some photos that don’t feel like winter. When I look at the photos from this session, I can’t get over the quality of the light we had that day. As much as I hate the notorious Cache Valley inversion, when it comes to taking photos, I don’t mind a hazy sky.

I’m so excited to be throwing in video to my normal sessions. It adds so much, including another unique way to experince your memories. If you know of any happy Northern Utah or Eastern Idaho couples who would be interesting in this service, let them know! And remember, when a friend refers a new client, said friend gets Costa Vida (I’m saying is listen to your stomach!).



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