Brooke & Taylor // Logan Engagement Session

I met Brooke early in 2015, we had the same intercultural communications course. Where we learned just how different the rest of the world is from our American way of life. We even managed to stay on good terms after a group project, which is a true testament to how easy she is to get a long with. (fyi this was definitely one of my favorite classes at USU)

We reconnected at the Logan, Utah Bridal Faire. Luckily for me she was still on the hunt for a photographer. So we set up a time for engagements and these two crushed it! Always so happy to work with excited people. It may sound weird but from a photographers point of view, Brooke and Taylor are the perfect height for one another. They are right in the goldilocks zone where they are close enough, I don’t have to pull the same tricks that movie directors have to pull on Tom Cruise. But they are just different enough that adding a little drama to the shot so simple.

Not going to lie, this period between winter and spring is an interesting time to take photos. The weather is nice and calm and the sky is full of wonderful clouds. Clouds that provide nice soft light to work with. But everything is still brown and mushy, making those coveted nature setting a little tricky to make attractive. So I always try to spend part of the session in an urban setting because worn brick doesn’t have any leaves to loose. After you take a minute to watch their video, feel free to head on over to there engagement gallery. There is a link at the bottom of this post, and if you know any awesome couples in need of an engagement or wedding photographer make sure to tell them all about Traughber Photography = )



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