Brianna & Nate

“Naturey”photos are a tall order this time of year, everything is brown or mushy. But Brianna and Nate really wanted a touch of nature in their session. Luckily, I am fine with any excuse to drive around Cache Valley, so I spent an hour or so driving around singing along to whatever was on my Spotify. Most of the valley was still unthawing waiting to grow again. Thankfully though, we live in a world with evergreens. The pear shaped shrubs that dot the mouth of Green Canyon stood out so well against the melting snow. It was mushy though, I had to warn these two to wear good shoes. I should have also been more careful where I stepped, because as soon as I set a foot in the parking lot my feet were instantly soaked for the entire session. Luckily I’m a generally good sport who wore wool socks, and my clients chose a smarter place to park.

Clouds. This session was blessed with some of the prettiest clouds the Cache Valley has ever seen. Those clouds continued as we transitioned to Smithfield. One of my favorite communities in Northern Utah, so small but it has everything you need and Logan is just a quick drive away. I also love the old tabernacle, the way the sun hit the back of the buttresses makes for such fun light. So please take a minute watch the VID I was able to make with this awesome couple.

(15-of-1083)northerutahphotographer copy-L

northerutahphotographer copy-XL

logannortherutahphotographer copy-L

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