Megan is graduating!

One of my favorite people is graduating! Megan is finishing up her masters in history at Utah State University. She was my neighbor and friend for 2 years while I was getting my bachelors in art (she’s still my friend ; )

It’s kind of fun to look back to when both of us lived in the same complex. Using wifi that only allowed each user to connect one device at a time, having church at 1pm, and the constant fear that one’s car would be booted if the tires were parked outside the yellow lines. What I’m getting at is, it’s fun to look a few years back and see what things have changed and what has stayed the same. Luckily my wifi situation has improved and I don’t have an upstairs neighbor’s alarm waking me up at 6:30. I definitely don’t live in a palatial estate now, I still have roommates that have to put up with my late night editing of wedding photos.

Life is funny and I’m happy to shared 2 years living in the forest gate apts with Megan. While our changes in residence has taken a toll on the amount of time we spend together. An issue that will continue as Megan flaps her wings out the wonderful Logan Utah. I’m happy we were able to spend some time taking grad photos and we definitely need to find some time to hit up Herm’s before she leaves for good.

So Megan here is to delicious breakfast at some point, writing snarky comments on your facebook posts, and In a few years I hope to be seeing you at weddings, or maybe running into you on a sunny sidewalk outside of citycreek. Make sure to check out the rest of the photos from this session, and please Follow @traugphotog on instagram.

p.s. if you’re graduating soon you should hit me up = )


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