Talitha&Cole | Ogden Utah, Temple Wedding

This is my 3rd wedding at the Ogden Temple, and now I feel like I’ve got this striking building figured out. I’m so Happy Talitha and Cole chose me as their wedding photographer they were so easy to work with, plus they had a wonderful day with their beautiful families. Families that were really easy to boss around when it came to the group photos.

Normally I don’t photograph luncheons so I’m not sure what the usual routine is. But Cole and Talitha trusted their families enough to let them run free with an open microphone. I thought it was a great way for the two separate families to get to know each other, it just added a lot of purpose to the meal.

I always love a well-timed backyard reception, I don’t have to fight with indoor lighting, and people are usually apt to stick around a little longer if the weather is nice. But my favorite thing about the reception was the use of real flames. While artificial LED candles are incredibly safe and practical. They just don’t hold a candle to a real wick in wax (horrible word play but I had to do it).

So take a look at some of their pictures below and the rest of their wedding day can be seen on my gallery site. (^hit the take a look button^)



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