Emily & Dave | Salt Lake City Temple Wedding

It’s always a little unsettling to be waiting  outside the temple for a couple that I haven’t met. I’m just waiting there with no idea what I’m  going to get. As soon as I met them though, I knew it was going to be a good day. Emily and Dave were so in love and easy to work with. I love it when couples are just happy to be married, there’s no rush to get through pictures. And the fact that we had some big beautiful clouds in the sky made taking photos around the Salt Lake Temple even easier.

If you look close at the reception photos you’ll notice that a few hours later those big beautiful clouds turned to rain over Emily and Dave’s reception. Instead of getting angry at the weather though  everyone just smooshed under the porch or in the garage. I even overheard the bride talking about how it least this makes the night more memorable. A bit later the rain passed the cake was cut, the car was decorated, and this couple exited their reception through a shower of bubbles. (I’ve never seen a bubble exit before but it turned out to be just as fun sparkles, but a lot less hassle, safer, and easier to photograph.)



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