Brenda & John’s Special Day | Rexburg Idaho Temple

I was so happy when out of the blue Brenda called me and asked me to be her wedding photographer. We know each other because she was my sister’s college roommate and best friend. Not the strongest link in the world, but since she’s one of my favorite people. I’m always happy to see her, and still super grateful for the time she let me and few friends crash on the floor of her New York apartment. ( Also there aren’t many people who’s Instagram likes mean as much as Brenda’s)

The size of her family did make me a bit nervous. Twelve siblings combined with spouses and grandchildren makes for a massive group, especially when you add in John’s seven siblings and their children. We ended up with 144 people in the main group photo. Luckily we had some good cloud cover and a group that was good at taking directions.  So take a look at the picture below and If you are wanting to see more click here.



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