Telford Family 2016 | Richfield Idaho

People are nice, which is a good thing. Except, one of my biggest fears is that I’m actually horrible at my job and all my clients are just too nice to let me know. We may say nice things at the end of sessions, send nice emails back and forth. All of which help me know I’m doing ok. But, when we get down to it, the only things that alleviate my somewhat irrational fear are: when a client is excited to run into me and the grocery store, recommends me to a friend, or most importantly hire me for another round of photos. With that said I’m happy that 48(ish) people had me back for some post-thanksgiving family photos.

You can see the rest of the photos from this session here.



One thought on “Telford Family 2016 | Richfield Idaho

  1. Wyatt- you are a miracle worker- seriously! Especially if you can make a crazy group like us look good, more than once! We love the pictures, thank you so much!


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