A photographer’s brief terror at the top of the Ag Science Building.

I was on my way to a meeting on the 4th floor of USU’s Ag Science Building. As the elevator doors opened, the blood fell from my cheeks. Sitting on the other side of the sunlit atrium was a recent wedding client. There was no way I could avoid the eye contact we just made…

It’s the most nerve-racking five seconds a wedding photographer experiences. I never know when and where it will happen. I’ve been blind-sided when walking into Lowes, or next to the dairy cooler at Smith’s. I even shared a Costa Vidá line with past clients. (Luckily, those two really liked me because no amount of despair could keep me away from a pulled pork burrito).

After a wedding, couples aren’t wanting another meeting about their special day. So I deliver their images online. Gracious emails are exchanged, they might even slap a complimentary caption on an Instagram post.

I’ve been blessed by lovely, easy going clients. I’d like to think that the reason I’ve never had post wedding day complaints is because I’m an attentive photographer who put his couples first. But I’m not naive, I know that this is Utah, a land of polite people who are 100% capable of covering a little resentment with a polite email. Except for the occasional tip or referral of a friend, I never know how a client truly feels until I run into them in the wilds of Logan, Utah.

…As I stepped through the open door of that elevator, the bride on the other side of the room hopped up with enthusiasm. This joy confirmed that I’d done my job well. We had nothing but kind words to exchange as the blood returned to my face.



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