2018 The Year of Authenticity|Wyatt+Photo


This is where I’m coming from…

The past few weeks I’ve been trying to figure out what direction to steer my photography in 2018. Let me back up, 2016 was amazing. It was the first year that I felt like I had a significant future in the field. All of my clients valued me and my work. In the words of many 6-year-olds describing Disneyland, “It Was Magical”.

Last year was different. I’m not complaining. I’m incredibly fortunate to be doing what I am for a living – However, if I learned anything in art school it’s how to give and take criticism. I didn’t click with a few of my clients as well as I would have liked, and trying to communicate through cloudy channels makes it hard for either of us to have a positive experience. I’m going to be the one taking the blame though, because last year at this time I expended a lot of effort trying to be things I’m not.

So for 2018, I’m going to be me. I have always been Wyatt, but through the lens of the internet, it’s really easy to customize my personal facade to appear any way I like. In the past, I have tried to make myself seem like the most impressive photographer around (Spoiler Alert: I’m assuming whoever that gal/guy is they are expensive and less than accommodating). I gave up on obtaining status a long time ago, it may have been a slow process but it was hella liberating….so for 2018 and hopefully, ever I’m going focus on being professional, accommodating, chill and most importantly authentic.


Some notes to get started

I am a Logan, Utah Photographer. Last year I ran booths at a couple bridal fairs further south. I set up an 801 redirect to my phone number. I just wanted a piece of that Salt Lake Photography Market. I still do, and I’m happy to take a drive anywhere I’m wanted. But the price of mild deception isn’t worth it. Don’t worry my SLC friends it will only take a couple extra nanoseconds at most for your emails to reach me 😉

I’m not Fancy. If you looking to hire some white knight photographer to come down from his castle to save you from a life of unattractive wedding photos, keep looking.  I do have talent and I definitely provide you with attractive wedding photos…but my castle is a cozy 3 bedroom townhouse I share with two roommates (my room is the biggest if that makes difference).

I don’t care what you look like/or how fancy your wedding is. It’s a frustrating fact of life: individuals have an advantage when they have physical characteristics that society finds desirable. And a big budget wedding may be a jaw-dropping and magical event. But I make an effort to ignore superficial features. Because when I scroll through my Instagram feed, the couples who I enjoyed working with the most were the ones who were deep in love who created a day that made sense for them.

There’s more on the way. I have a lot of ideas in the hopper and I’m excited/terrified to start sharing. So please subscribe to me here and on my Facebook & Instagram. If anything I produce connects with you, please share with your friends, and in the meantime let me know if you have any questions about your photo/video needs.


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