5 tips for your sparkler send off

Sparklers send-offs are in the midst of making the transition from wedding trend to wedding tradition. But just because they are popular on Instagram doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to pull this magical exit off effectively. So here are 5 tips from a wedding photographer who’s seen plenty of them.


1. Make a hard exit

One of the most common mistakes in wedding send-offs happens when the couple waits around for their reception to peter out before they make a break for it. If you want a nice full group of excited humans to shower you with burning embers, you need to leave a few minutes before the event is over.


2. A torch and bucket

Timing is tricky. And it’s even trickier when you’re trying to light a metal sparkler with the same lighter your grandma uses for her Yankee candles or Marlboro lights. While I’ve never had a wedding where the sparklers failed to ignite, having a torch makes it so much easier to get everything lit right before bride and groom pop out.

After that Oreo and toilet paper covered Toyota Carolla drives away, it’s best that everyone has a safe place to drop off their spent sparklers. Having a bucket of water ready is the best way to keep the venue happy and everyone safe.


3. A fearless leader

Weddings make for long days full of little events. So its probably a good idea to make sourcing a water bucket and lining people up for a send off, the responsibility of a trustworthy human. Make it a recommend someone responsible enough to not burn your wedding down with a propane torch, and bossy enough to get everyone to line up when and where they need to be.


4. An alternate light source

There’s essentially a tiny sun burning on every one of those sparklers. Which makes the pictures amazing but also tricky to pull off, when it’s pitch black. So it’s helpful if you walk out in an area that’s light up street lights or better yet leave early enough that there still some light from the sun.


5. Take your time

You do need to make your exit start when scheduled, but once you are making your way to the car, carriage, or shuttlecraft you don’t need to run.  By all means, keep it exciting but don’t be afraid to enjoy it. Make some eye contact with friends and give your parents a hug. If you rush the exit it’s gonna there’s not going to be much to remember or photograph.


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