Don’t be sorry…Photographers are in your way.



If you’re like most people, when you stumble upon a photo session out in the wilds of Utah you’re incredibly kind. You cut a wide birth and you wait for the photographer ok before you continue to mosey down the trail. If that’s something you’ve done or something you can imagine your self-doing, I just want to say thanks…..also don’t.

By all means be nice and smile and wave, but even though I am a photographer I hate the notion that random hikers or passersby are in my way. I’m the person using a public space as setting for business. Which isn’t a bad thing, It simply means I should be working around you.


The photo above post was taken on a trail I run quite frequently. I was nervous to take Miranda and Austin there because it’s a trail I love to run on and I didn’t want my photoshoot to bother anyone else’s use of the trail. But it’s an accessible setting that’s also beautiful, which are the big factors to a successful shoot location. Anytime people poked around the corner I ushered the lovely couple to the side of the trail, waved to onlookers and encouraged them to ignore us saying some version of “I’m sorry we are the ones in your way”. Everybody was kind and polite and I did my best to minimize the impact of my photoshoot on their recreation.

A few weeks later a photographer had set up a shot, across the width of a trail I was on. She gestured for me to proceed as she said: “You can pass through.” I know it’s subtle and I’m splitting hairs. But I was annoyed that she “gave” me permission to use the trail for it’s intended purpose. So next time you’re out and you spot a photographer in your path, smile, and wave but don’t worry about looking for permission….because you don’t need it.



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