The goal is timeless photos from affordable sessions that aren’t a pain in the rear.


I’ve been trying to figure out my place in the photography world for a little bit. Utah is saturated market everyone has friend or sister who’s a photographer. Massive choice and competitive price equal capitalism at it’s finest. Which is great for the consumer but it makes things a little tricky for me. I would have to pay my clients money if I wanted to be the cheapest photographer in Logan, Utah. I also can’t be the best photographer in town because “best” is an incredible term. I really am affordable, and there’s a decent chance that I’m the best photographer for you.



If you’ve stalked my Instagram profile you might notice that it’s not quite as aesthetically pleasing as the accounts of other photographers. Part of that may be because I post the occasional selfies, I’m too lazy to delete old posts that don’t fit in, and there’s a few rouge photos of cookies, recipes to which you should really try.

The main reason my account might appear less attractive overall is that I’m not trying to force all of my photos to exists within the current trend. I try to give each edit what it needs to be special sometimes that falls within the style of the moment and other times it doesn’t. I used to make hard edits to match everybody else. The way I pushed and twisted those pixels makes me cringe. Now when I pick up my Wacom pen and open photoshop I edit the photos with a tempered and timeless approach.


We are constantly taking photos of ourselves. My phone has more selfies in it than I’m proud of. But I’m comfortable taking selfies because I’m the one in control of the image. It’s incredibly uncomfortable for us to pass that control to someone else. I even have a hard time passing my big camera to a friend so that I can procure the occasional professional photo.

I work with normal people, not models. I love it when my clients are comfortable in their skin. But I also love getting the opportunity to coax a good smile out people who don’t feel quite as comfortable in front of the camera. I’m bossy enough that you won’t feel lost, I make enough of a fool of myself that your self-esteem, will feel safe, and I do enough movie photographer cliches that you will feel confident in my abilities.

So of you feel like I might be a good fit please send me an email to and let’s get started.


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