Why I’m making ‘stupid’ cooking videos and how you can help.

Yeah I’m looking for attention

People pay me to take pictures. Whether it’s for little wedding days, family photos or professional headshots. As the years go by I’m aging farther and farther out of the social circles that are full of youngsters getting hitched. So I’m growing more reliant on my web presence to help attract potential clients.

I need people to see my face, hear my name and visit my website. So I’m spending time creating content of value. Just like every other photographer I create blog posts of sessions with clients, to bring people to my website. But I’m finding that a trail of cookie crumbs might be a little more effective.

This is what I’ve got

A lot of people get attention on the internet by flashing their six-pack, sharing anecdotes about their offspring, showing off their exotic vacation photos or exploiting their French-bulldog’s genetic misfortunes – I don’t have any of those things. What I do have is decent baking skills passed down to me from my mom, America’s test kitchen, and a former resident of Federal Prison Camp, Alderson.

I’m building a set of skills

It’s not easy to talk to a camera. It’s even harder to edit the babble that came from my mouth into something watchable. Video is one of the most effective ways to communicate with the others…and that’s something I want to be good at, and cooking tutorials don’t seem like a bad place to start.

I could use your help 🙏

I can only construct my posts on social media. I can’t fight the algorithms that determine what is worthy to be delivered to people feeds. So please pound that like that like button, drop a comment in that box, and if the good Lord moves you, string a few good words together and share that post with your friends. I’m so grateful for the positive reception I’ve already received but if this is ever gonna become something I’m going to need even more help. So don’t worry about annoying me because so far I’ve been grateful for every comment.

p.s. at the moment my pinterest is still stuck in 2013 so if you’re a  here’s some posts that could use some love

Easy, crisp, cast iron pizza crust

A Baby Batch of Malted Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Best Soda-Shop Sugar Cookies (swig copycat recipe)






2 thoughts on “Why I’m making ‘stupid’ cooking videos and how you can help.

  1. I enjoy your videos have tried soda shop cookies. The kids still like Grandma Shaw chocolate chip cookies in your moms family cookbook the best. Of course these kids think anything in a fast-food bag is gourmet!


    1. Hey Aunt Veea, fun to hear you gave those sugar cookies a shot! I guess being raised on home cooking has it’s advantages 😜


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