I’m Calling an Audible 🏈 Jenna + Jordan | A Cache Valley Formal Session

So when clients put me in charge of picking locations, I may have a little trouble committing to one. The thing is – different spots just look different on different days, so it’s not uncommon for me to drop a GPS pin for my couples just 20 minutes before we get started. My fickleness is probably pretty unsettling, but I think that flexibility in locations helps make every session as beautiful as possible.

I was originally planning on taking Jenna and Jordan to the Newton area for there photos, but spring hadn’t quite hit that side of the valley, and I don’t want brown naked trees if I can help it. So after a last minute phone call and some stressful driving, I met these two in Hyrum. I hate being late to my own sessions, but we had more than enough light and I’m sure we made the right call.



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