3 Tips for brides that don’t want to hire a friend who’s a photographer – Lucky for me Raegen didn’t need them πŸ˜

I’ve already posted about my friendship with Raegan πŸ‘‡

Right after Raegan and Kody got engaged (but before it was “Facebook Official”) She made sure I could be her photographer. It was wonderfully clear that she wanted me (her old neighbor/friend from Forrest Gate Student Housing)Β to take her wedding photos. I’ve never planned a wedding. I imagine, that having a photographer friend can be a huge blessing. The existing trust you have in that person simplifies everything: no introductions are needed, small talk is easy, all in all everything is just a bit more chill – unless don’t want to work with that friend. In which case here is some advice…

1. You don’t need a reason…

My decision-making process usually involves scouring the internet for information. Sometimes I resort to pulling out a yellow legal pad and make a pros & cons list. I might attempt to use a coin flip to reveal my true intentions. Sometimes none of that is necessary, because deep down in my bones I know what I want. It doesn’t matter if I can find the words to define the reasons. So, a few years ago I decided that “I don’t want to” and “I don’t know” are perfectly acceptable answers to any question I’m reluctant to answer.

I never feel more free as a photographer than when I’m photographing a person who trusts me. There have been plenty of people in my life who decided not to hire me to be their wedding photographer. On a few occasions, I may have reacted to these decisions with a bit more emotion than I’m proud of. But luckily as I’ve gotten older my self-esteem has become less fragile. I don’t have to be given a reason. I just roll my eyes as I send them a thumbs up emoji. The moral here is, do what you want.

2. Money and email…

My least favorite side of photography is the money side. But, I like running water and not living in a van, so I can’t ignore the money side of things. My siblings and a couple of reallyΒ close friends are the only people who can get free work out of me. Even though (I believe) my rates are incredibly reasonable some of my friends might not be able to make it work. So if budgets are keeping you from hiring a friend that’s okay. I suggest sending them an email kinda like this,”We’d love to hire you but we kinda have to go with ______because they only cost …” This gives your friend a chance to make your budget work, without anyone feeling taken advantage of.

3. Let them tag along…

Maybe your friend is new to photography and just hungry for experience, but you’re not quite comfortable rolling those dice. Don’t be afraid to ask the photographers you want if your friend tagged along. The photographers who say “no” are likely divas. I think you’d be better off with a photographer who’s a little more chill…You get a trusty photographer and your friend gets some experience.

P.s. Advice to other photogs…

When friends get engaged and I’m not sure what their photo plans are I usually jest send them a message like this “Hey I’m guessing you have all your wedding photo nonsense to figured out, but if you don’t I’d love to help you out.” It’s a message designed to be ignored and that’s kinda the point.


I’m so grateful for all of my friends and former strangers who trusted me to handle their weddings. I’m also grateful that Reagan did this so emphatically…Especially because it means I got to take some dynamite photos. Check out my favs from Raegan & Kody’s wedding day and formal session 😍










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