Looking for some friendly conversation? Say hello to “The Study Buddies” πŸŽ€πŸŽ§

The Study Buddies - Wyatt+

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We started this podcast In an attempt to keep our friendship alive; after Cassidy’s aspirations whisked her to the Pacific Northwest. Each episode dives into a research article, in an effort to bring a little peer-reviewed knowledge into our lives.

Our Premiere episodes shed some light on the world of true crime. “Serial Killers. Signatures and. Dollars.” looks at the prevalence of calling cards in the crimes of serial killers. “True Crime. “Television. Mumu’s” uncovers research that explains why we love true crime entertainment so much. If true crime isn’t your jam check back next week for an episode all about how we adapt our expressions to fit in and the true meaning of the word cool.

We have a batch of great episodes recorded and some other great ones on the books. So, subscribe to “The Study Buddies” and give us a listen!

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