Do sheep have more fun?

This episode is all about experience, and how experiences can be intensified by sharing them with others. Researchers use double agents and chocolate trickery to give us some answers that explain to find some truth.

The Study Buddies - Wyatt+

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*In this episode Cassidy refers to Cold Dips. It’s just monthly tradition in which she and some friends submerge themselves in a chili lake in Washington State.

*Sorry to anyone who was really looking forward to learning about sheep

Citation & Abstract

Boothby, E. J., Clark, M. S., & Bargh, J. A. (2014). Shared Experiences Are Amplified. Psychological Science,25(12), 2209-2216. doi:10.1177/0956797614551162

In two studies, we found that sharing an experience with another person, without communicating, amplifies one’s experience. Both pleasant and unpleasant experiences were more intense when shared. In Study 1, participants tasted pleasant chocolate. They judged the chocolate to be more likeable and flavorful when they tasted it at the same time that another person did than when that other person was present but engaged in a different activity. Although these results were consistent with our hypothesis that shared experiences are amplified compared with unshared experiences, it could also be the case that shared experiences are more enjoyable in general. We designed Study 2 to distinguish between these two explanations. In this study, participants tasted unpleasantly bitter chocolate and judged it to be less likeable when they tasted it simultaneously with another person than when that other person was present but doing something else. These results support the amplification hypothesis.

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