Mansplaining Female Empowerment

The Study Buddies - Wyatt+

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Ooohh that title got your PR spidey senses tingling? Don’t worry Wyatt was just intruigued buy an article all about the empwering effects of DIY projects. Then Cassidy talks about a bull that was cloned at Utah State University. Joanna Gaines probably hasn’t cloned a cow before, but this episode sheds a bit of light on why everyone loves Fixer Upper so much. After all that Wyatt talks about his ideal Taylor SWIFT concert and Cassidy just wants to make a date with Danger πŸ˜‰….If you know a friend that likes DIY projects or cloned Livestock, shoot them a link to this episode.

Special thanks to the Ann Collier, Marco Wolf, and Cherylynn Becker for the research behind DIY.


And here’s a link to that cloning Video:


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