A friend, A curse, and a Stripping Couple | Andrea + Remmington’s Special Day

My selfie game may a be a little subpar but this 👆 is Reese. A few years ago I shot her wedding. In high school, she modeled for me as I taught myself how to work a camera. Before that, she taught me how to play phase-10 a couple months before her sister dumped my brother Charlie. (I’m assuming she dumped him, but it was a high school romance so how much does it really matter?)

Moral of the story – Reese has been doing me solids for a while. And convincing her new sister-in-law to hire me as is the most recent one. Andrea and Remmington were so lovely and wonderful to work with. They were down to do their formals at City of Rocks, which I’d been dying to do for years. I felt her complete trust with her wedding day and that’s the most amazing thing a client can do for a photographer. But….

I was a bit nervous to shoot another Sager’s family wedding. I was left stranded on my drive home from Reese’s Wedding in 2014. My wood paneled Pt Cruiser broke down on the I-84 30 minutes from home. I  spent that night sitting quietly in my car waiting for my brother Charlie to make a 3 hours drive to save me.

Some pictures from curse recovery 👆

I picked that car out when I was Fifteen. I loved it for a long time but I’m VERY grateful to be driving something less conspicuous. Fifteen isn’t the best age for a wierd kid to pick out a car. I may have been wiser at 23 but as a broke college student, I couldn’t buy anything impressive.

My current ride isn’t fancy, but it is reliable. As a fresh Grad student, I’m really wanting my scratched up Chevy to last a few more years. So the superstitious part of me was a bit nervous for another trip to central Idaho for a Sagers wedding. The practical part of me brushed my superstitions aside. I just wished that this night I would have also brushed aside my fear on skin cancer.

A few minutes into the reception held on the bank of the Snake River I made a quick trip back to my Malibu. I rubbed some sunscreen on my face. Then I shut a locked door with my keys inside. Ironically, I was incredibly good at breaking into my Pt Cruiser, Charlie had taught 17-year-old me how to do it on a January night. He saved me and a car full of friends from the freezing parking lot of a closed Pizza Hut. Chrysler didn’t really have to worry about any Pt cruisers getting stolen. But Chevy had a little more faith in their Malibus. Charlie was 4 hours away. As I contemplated which window I should smash in, I remembered I was an adult. So I manned-up and made some calls.

As Andrea and Remmington cut into their cake, a nice guy in a skullcap unlocked my car. My pride was a bit damaged and because the Burley Idaho cops aren’t chill like the North Logan PD. I had to fork my credit card over to my slim-jim-savior.

Despite a minor inconvenience. I had a great day. I was able to work with the wonderful couple. I caught up with an old pal. and most importantly I got to photograph a couple rip off their clothes after their first dance 😜…

Those were just some of my favorites you can check out the rest of this lovely day here.

If you happen to be in any of these photos you can swipe them for yourself. But if you don’t tag @wyatt.posts I’ll haunt your dreams 😜


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