Chelsea + Logan | Ominous Formals on Westminster’s Campus

Chelsea asked for some dark and creepy vibes for her formal session. I’ve never ran into that request, I was excited. Some naked November trees would have been nice, but we were still surrounded by lovely green leaves. A formals session in a graveyard seems like a good end up on a ghosts haunting list. When intentions don’t align with the purpose of religious sites, it not exactly a classy thought to a pursue. So there weren’t any creepy gothic cathedrals on my list.

Luckily I thought of Westminster’s campus. Lush greenery paired with classic brick architecture provided this session with just enough depth. I think I was able to bring in some of the vibes Chelsea was looking for…without turning to props from a Halloween store, or worse bottles of lotion hanging resting in hanging baskets.

Below are some of my FAVs you can check out the whole session here.

(This post was written at 2:50am, so nope – I didn’t give it a read through.)


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