Meet Wyatt

Hi I’m Wyatt

your photographer, (hopefully!)

I love making people happy, which is why photography is so great; I get the opportunity to document people’s lives and make them happy with lasting memories. I’ve been a photographer for for eight years. You can see that experience now in my portfolio.I grew up in the small town of Arco, Idaho. Its wonderful people supported my passion before I had the talent to back up my work.

Now I’m thankful to live in beautiful Cache Valley, and have worked with people from Arizona to Alberta. I love Logan, Utah. I love being an artist. I love documenting people’s lives. And I’d love to work with you.


What I Offer



I don’t just have 7+ years experience. I also have an associates degree in Digital Media and a bachelors from Utah State University in Visual Arts. So between the hundreds of hours in photoshop courses and a plethora of youtube tutorials, you can trust me with your photos.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Costco as much as the next guy, but professional quality cameras and lenses aren’t sold there. I have made significant investments, to provide my clients with sharp, high-resolution, professional images.


I work hard for my clients. If it means driving hours to get to a location, rescheduling an appointment to fit a busy clients schedule, or wading out into frigid water, I’m willing to do what it takes to get the shot.

We can’t go back in time

Lasting quality, that’s what I offer as a photographer. When you look back, the images need to hold up to the memories. Children grow up, lovers build a life, and families change every day. Time never slows, but we can save a piece of it.


I don’t think high-quality photography needs to cost a substantial amount. It’s not easy but my prices are affordable for my clients, and fair enough so I can keep the Netflix on.


“I hate getting my picture taken” is a common phrase in our world. I might even say it on occasion. I love making my friends and family laugh, a service I’m eager to provide for my clients. I might make a fool of myself, but a good smile is worth it.