The Process

1. Get to know each other | Look at the calendar | Express your wants

I love getting the chance to meet with couples and clients ahead of time. This way we can discuss the upcoming sessions and what everyone wants to get out of them. It also allows us to get to know each other a little better, which makes working together a lot more fun and comfortable, which is key to an effective session. After the sessions are booked, I like to get a deposit for the upcoming work. I prefer getting half up front, but I understand every situation is different so if other arrangements need to be made we can talk about it.

Many photographers like to sign contracts at this point locking the clients into their service. While this is fine, I don’t think this transaction is on a scale that requires a contract (but if you would feel more comfortable with a contract I’m happy to create one with you).

I promise to work hard to be an awesome photographer that provides you with stellar images. I just need you to be a happy person willing to put a little trust in me. So send me an email to get this ball rolling.

2. Session time!

We might have multiple session together or just one. We will have already worked out the details. I love it when people have ideas and settings in mind. I also love it when they come happy and ready to be bossed around a bit ; ) A good session is really dependent on everyone being excited and willing to work together. I know many people don’t like having their photo taken. I work hard to make sure the session is as fun and painless as possible. Many photographers have a time limit put on sessions. I simply go until I’m happy with what we’ve done. Typically sessions last 1.5 to 3 hours.

3. Editing | The waiting game |  Honeymoon time

I love editing! Unfortunately, it takes time. Normally that time is only a week, but sometimes it’s two. To soothe the pain of waiting I will post some sneak-peaks on instagram and facebook so make sure to keep an eye out.

4. Get your pics!

If you looking for the least amount of work when it comes to getting your photos. Photos are delivered through an online gallery with digital download. You’ll get an email to with all the links you need.

 5. Share your pictures / Tell your friends

These are your photos; you paid for them. As such, share them with world! I do ask that when you post your images to your facebook wall or Instagram feed that you tag @traugphotog. It’s at this point where I hope I’ve given you images you will treasure forever, and that you give me call when you need family photos, or you suggest me when you have a friend in need of a photographer.


I’m not going to lie I hate talking about money. I honestly wish we lived in a world without money, where everyone helped each other. Unfortunately, Communism hasn’t ever really worked out on this planet; and I have housing expenses, camera equipment to pay for, and the teeth of a cotton candy addict (on the plus side my dentist loves me). There is honestly a big debate in the photography world about whether or not to post your prices online or wait for people to seek you out. It’s hard to come up with blanket prices since everyone’s needs and situations are different

  • engagements 350
  • formals 375
  • ceremony 695
  • reception 250
  • all of those ^1450


I like to steer clear of hidden fees. They are sneaky and nobody likes to feel tricked. But there are a few things you may want but will cost you a bit extra.

Unedited photos: I don’t love sharing the raw images from a shoot, I totally understand why someone might want to have everything. It’s 35 dollars per session for the unedited reduced JPGS with online delivery. For .cr2/.dng files it’s 45 dollars per session ( an external hard drive to be provided by clients with stamped and addressed return shipping/ or local pickup). Multiple sessions can be combined for a reduced overall cost if arrangements are made prior to shoots.

Flash Drive: Digital download works best for most of my clients, your just a click and email away from having all the photos on your computer. If you want the photos delivered on a flash drive it’s an additional 30 dollars per drive. I’d be happy to do it for free if you provide a sufficient USB drive with a stamped and self-addressed envelope.