7 Videos to help you plan a wedding in Utah

I've seen a lot of wedding advice on the internet, I've also been to a lot of weddings. So here's some advice that you get from Pinterest. So take look then gives these vids a share. https://youtu.be/1WiwyIe5E4M?list=PLf-n-4inGEFtX_zSl6bb1Ua9damz6CyAp https://youtu.be/9XG7ApyMpjA https://youtu.be/P8j-yPQ-J5Q https://youtu.be/snyIuVVAF-0 https://youtu.be/Ykn11fSiQZI https://youtu.be/lZODO_JYOjc https://youtu.be/zx6hXlu1f1o

Dealing with Photography friends in Utah, you are #1

[wr_heading tag="h2" text_align="inherit" heading_margin_top="5" heading_margin_bottom="25" font="inherit" enable_underline="yes" border_bottom_style="solid" appearing_animation="0" disabled_el="no" ]Here’s the deal: Utah is full of photographers[/wr_heading]. Don’t believe me? Do a Google search. The resulting map makes our lovely state look like a victim of smallpox. Some of these photographers could be paid with the change lost in your car (the black hole … Continue reading Dealing with Photography friends in Utah, you are #1